Unlock Your Emotional Resilience: Join my Inner Child Healing Workshop and Release a Deep-rooted Emotional Block in Just 30 Minutes!

In this workshop I’ll help you:

  • Experience Immediate Emotional Relief: Alleviate the emotional charge associated with your current challenge, allowing you to attain a state of peace.
  • Deepen Mind-Body Connection: Liberate yourself from suppressed emotions, feel a stronger connection with your body.
  • Transform Limiting Beliefs and Painful Memories: Reprogram the limiting beliefs and painful memories that have hindered your progress, empowering you to embody a more confident and resilient version of yourself.
  • Enhance Relationship Dynamics: Cultivate self-awareness regarding your childhood patterns, enabling you to elevate communication and create deeper connections in your relationships.
  • Acquire Lifelong Healing Tools: Learn powerful and practical healing techniques that can be applied whenever you feel triggered or experience emotional distress, equipping you with invaluable tools for continued self-care and growth.


Everything that’s included for just €27:

  • Introduction (15 min) – how to get the best results from the meditation 
  • Inner Child Healing Journey (30 min) – the guided meditation.
  • Integration for lasting impact (10 min) – journaling questions and the next steps you can take on your healing journey
  • Downloadable Guided Inner Child Healing Journey Audio – so you can access it anytime, anywhere, allowing you to continue your healing process offline and reinforce the positive changes in your life.


Filippa’s workshop was very helpful. I had no doubts about trying it as I have had 1:1 sessions with Filippa and I know she’s very good at what she does.

The meditation helped me to hold space for myself to move some very old, stuck emotions. The last few days I have been feeling clearer, more joyful and safer in my own body. I’m even laughing more. I intend to use it again when I feel the need.

Lucy O'Dwyer

Hi, I'm Filippa

I’ve been teaching this workshop around the world helping people release old emotions. I wanted to make it more available for people so I made this online, distilled version of the live workshop.

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