Hi, I’m Filippa Levemark

Welcome to my online home dedicated to coaching, healing, dancing, art, meditation, women’s circles and conscious events!

If you are looking for deeper and more connected relationships, if you want to go deep into emotional healing, if you want to dance and have fun or you want artistic inspiration- you have come to the right place 🙂

With love, Filippa

Upgrade Your Emotional Wellbeing

Release core emotional blocks and deep seated limiting beliefs — so you can create deep authentic relationships, embody who you really are and live the life you truly desire. If you need support in your personal healing journey – check out my offerings below:


If you don’t know where to start in your emotional healing journey – start here.

Try one of my free meditations designed for you to build a loving relationship to your emotional body.

I use meditation as a base in all of my teachings and it is a good way to get a feeling of the type of work that I offer.

Inner Child Healing

If you want to go a little bit deeper – you can get my Inner Child Healing Workshop.

This is designed for you to learn inner child healing techniques to release emotional blocks on your own.

This online workshop is available on demand – you can do it whenever you feel like it.

Individual Sessions

If you want to release emotional blocks in a facilitated safe space – this is for you.

I offer individual sessions online, lasting up to 2 hours per session.

During the session we work on the emotional challenge you are going through at the moment – primarily focusing on releasing and shifting energy in the emotional body


Check out what what other people are saying about the emotional release sessions that I offer:

I experienced a magical emotional session with Filippa.

She helped me uncover, open up, align my true intentions and visions whilst uncovering previous experiences and blocks which served me no purpose. I felt Filippa’s energy instantaneously and knew she is a special healer.

I felt truly listened to, no judgment or pressure and allowed me plenty of time to release emotions  into becoming my new future self. I feel more connected to myself, empowered, free and knowing that Filippa is there for support at any time.

I was recommended Filippa by a good friend and since then have even recommended her to my clients and close friends.

Ryan Carter
CEO & Founder: Live Vitae, Registered Nutritionist

Before my sessions with Filippa, I was unable to dream big. Self-doubt paralyzed me from being aware of and appreciating my innate strengths. I had many ideas, but would easily dismiss them and never start anything. Because of my fears and the tendency to procrastinate, I would start books and courses and not finish them.

Working with Filippa one on one was incredibly helpful to hold me accountable each week and develop new daily habits. I had doubts that this time would be different, that I would also sabotage this coaching or not be ready for it. I shared with Filippa and talked about where I was coming from and what I wanted to change,

I feel much more inspired and alive than before. I’m working on a big beautiful visions for my future and moving towards them in small steps. I have tools to work with my inner child when blockages come up, and I am much more aware of the patterns I have and am working to changee those and write new stories. 

Sarah Frost

I went through a couple of 1-1 sessions with Filippa, and it was a breakthrough in my life. She made me look deep into the roots of emotional behaviors that I was repeating from my childhood, helping me release and transform those emotions into peace and detachment. Since those sessions I’ve experienced a new level of self confidence, and also emotional freedom from situations that before triggered me.

Jesus Lopez Rodriguez

CEO & Founder: F5, Motivational Speaker

Life Coaching

If you are looking for more clarity on what life you want to create and you want to get clear actionable steps to execute your dream – then I also offer individual life coaching sessions as well as coaching packages to help you fulfill your heart’s desires.

I had an incredibly good coaching session with Filippa. She helped me get back on track right away. Her approach made me feel comfortable and safe, and her way of holding space was something I hadn’t experienced before. It allowed me to open up and see myself with honesty and clarity.

After just one session, I was able to reclaim my inner power, trust in myself, and tackle tasks I had been procrastinating for a long time. Filippa is truly a magnificent coach. She is very present and assertive, with a great ability to help you unravel mental and emotional blocks with gentleness and firmness at the same time.

I highly recommend Filippa’s coaching sessions! Thank you for being there, guiding me.

Best regards,

Federico René Monjes

Holistic Therapist

Ecstatic Dance & Conscious Events in Málaga, Spain

I started a weekly ecstatic dance in Málaga, Spain, where I live. It quickly grew into a community and now we are a team who run conscious events regularly in Málaga and around Andalucía, Spain.

Every event that we do we invite people from our community to share their gifts and talents (such as sound healing, gong bath, cacao ceremonies, meditations, connecting games or somatic exercises for example). Below you can read more about us & our community.

Ocura Community (ENG)

If you want to dance with us in Andalucía, Spain – come join our weekly ecstatic dances!

Ocura Comunidad (ESP)

Si quieres venir y bailar con nosotros en Andalucía, España – ven a nuestros danzas ecstáticas!

My Art

I work mainly with oil on canvas, exploring the intersection between spirituality and art, abstract and realism, the natural and the constructed world.

About Filippa

My mission is to raise the emotional wellbeing on this planet.

In my healing work I help people remember who they are at their core – without conditioning and programming – so they can live a life they truly desire and create loving relationships to themselves and to the world.

In my painting practice I connect to my own joy of creating and expressing myself – hoping to bring a sense of beauty and joy to everyone who sees my art.