What most people have in common when speaking to me is that they think they have a problem to be fixed, on a surface or mind based level. When really, there is a deeper emotional  wound that needs to be healed under that surface. 

I have developed a strong intuitive sense of what those emotional wounds are in people and how to help heal them.

What it does, to heal an emotional wound is: it shifts people’s patterns: their emotional, energetic and relational patterns.

Meaning: people upgrade their relationship to themselves and to the people around them. This builds self love, emotional resiliance, safer and deeper relationships and the ability to stay grounded through life’s challenges. 

My mission is to raise the emotional wellbeing and consciousness in the world and to create a deeper understanding of spiritual life on earth.

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Hi, I’m Filippa Levemark

I’ve had trauma in my life. I’ve seen death. I’ve experienced a lot of anxiety. I’ve failed and gotten rejected. I’m like most people yet I have always felt like I don’t fit in. Which, when asking people, is a very common thing to feel.

Before starting with healing I created a relatively successful art career and spent 10 years doing what I love: painting. Being personally invited to hold exhibitions and museum shows in Sweden (where I’m from) and managed to live off of selling my art: without a traditional art degree or prior connections in the art world.

What made me be able to live off my passion in my 20’s was a combinations of practicing Law of Attraction, creating supportive relationships, following my intuition and architecting my consciousness in a way that made me believe in myself.

A big part of my journey was to learn about my own programming and conditioning from society. I studied personal development and everything spiritual on a daily basis. I learned to heal my inner child, to trust the truth in my heart and to work with subtle energy patterns. 

When I turned 30 I decided to be nomadic for a couple of years and travel. I talked to people from all over the world. The more I talked to people the more I started to sense patterns and beliefs in them that I used to have. I realised I could help people to also live from their truth and heart- if they healed their wounds and conditioning. 

I have facilitated healing sessions for wealthy business owners, spiritual badasses, entrepreneurs and creatives. I have coached people with heavy trauma and abuse, people who have suffered a lot in their relationships, people with a lot of anxiety. A common thing I see is that no matter how successful people get, they still don’t feel they are enough.