Inner Child Healing Workshop

(BETA version)

Use the Inner Child Healing Technique to release an emotional block and uplevel your emotional wellbeing.

Get access to my 70 minute workshop and I’ll help you:

  • Reduce emotional charge in whatever challenge you are going through right now – reach a more peaceful state of mind.
  • Reprogram limiting beliefs and painful memories – reconnect to the true, empowered, version of yourself.
  • Create a better relationship to yourself and to your past
  • Gain self awareness around your relationship patterns – the more self aware you become, the deeper relationships you can create.
  • Learn life long healing tools you can apply whenever you feel triggered or upset in the future.

Save your seat below, show up for the <X-hour> workshop, and get everything you need to <get this thing done that you’re really excited about>

Gain access to the workshop by filling out the form below and get everything you need to release an emotional block:

A 20 minute introduction & preparation video

A 30 minute guided inner child healing journey/meditation consisting of:

  • Part 1: Connecting to your emotional body  (10 minutes)
  • Part 2: Connecting to memories and beliefs (10 minutes)
  • Part 3: Energy cleaning and reprogramming exercise (10 minutes)

 A 15 minute Integration Video