Community, Ecstatic Dance & Conscious Events in Málaga & Andalucía, Spain

What is Ocura?

We are two things:

1. Ecstatic Dance & Conscious Events Organizers in Málaga & Andalucía, Spain

2. A Community of likeminded people

Ocura means many things, but mainly a combination of the word Crazy (Locura in Spanish) and to Cure (Curar in Spanish), where our events aim to be something in between those two words 🙂

Our Events


Laboratorio – Málaga

This is our weekly ecstatic dance event on Thursday nights (20-22h) in Málaga. We call it a Laboratory because it is a space to play with a concept of ecstatic dance. We invite people from our community to create intros and outros, as well as to DJ and to share their gifts and talents at our events.

15 min intro (meditation, movement, breathwork or similar activities. 1,5 hour ecstatic dance. 15 min outro (meditation, sound healing, gong bath or similar). And we end with a sharing & name circle to leaarn to know each other.

We can only fit 20 people in our space, called Uruamaya, in ciudad Jardin. 

Familia – Coín

This is our monthly family friendy day time event in Coín on Sundays (11-16).

We meet, do facepainting, welcome people to the space, we start with a meditation, then do ectstatic dance for 2,5 hours and end with mediation. Afterwards we have a sharing circle, and then have lunch together in nature. Open to kids to join.

We can fit 35 people in our space, called Walüng, in Coín.


Fiesta – Málaga

This is our monthly “conscious party” where we meet on a Saturday night in Málaga city center (17-21h).

This is a 4 hour long event where we have a longer intro (meditation, movement, breathwork, cacao ceremony or other similar activities) for an hour. Two hours ecstatic dance with experienced ecstatic dance Djs and one hour outro (sound healing, gong bath and the likes).

We can fit 50 people in our sala, Málaga.

Meet Our Team

Filippa Levemark

Filippa is the founder of Ocura and is also under training to be a proffessional ecstatic dance DJ. She hosts most of the music and faciliation at Laboratorio.

When Filippa DJs you can expect: high energy, high contrast between slow and fast, a lot of drums and different beats from around the world, from bhangra to kletzmer to electro cumbia – the one thing you will know for sure is you will sweat 🙂

Antonio Jesús Gonzáles López

Antonio is a co creator to Ocura, he is our main DJ and responsable for our music and sound system.

Antonio used to DJ electronic music back in the days and has studied two years of 5 rhythms as a dancer. Now he is focused on bringing a proper ectstatic dance experience following 5 rythms so that the dance serves as a healing modality as well as an epic dance!

Antonio is our DJ at all of our external events.


Gabriel Sánchez

Gabriel is our host, our extra hand and occasional content creator and he helps promote our events. He is always at the door at Laboratorio as well as at our external events if needed.

Do you want to DJ or host an activity at our events?

We invite people from our community to DJ and to host intros and outros at our dances. The best thing to do is to first join one of our events so we can learn to know you in person and you can learn to know the community.

DJ at our Events

As for Dj:ing we have the following requirements:

1. That you know of and follow 5 rythms correctly so we follow traditional ecstatic dancing.

2. That the music is as much as possible non commercial, world music with good energy.

We will either attend your ecstatic dance event to first get a feeling of your style or we will ask you to send a set where you clearly demonstrate that you know 5 rythms and your music selection as well as your DJ:ing skills.

Hire Us For Your Event

We are also open to host ecstatic dances at your event, retreat, festival, wedding, birthday party or similar occassions. We bring the whole concept, intro and outro, facepainting, decorations, proffessional DJ’s and if needed an epic sound system to create a conscious party at your venue. Contact us below for more information if you are interested in hiring us.

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