Uplevel Your Emotional Wellbeing

If this sounds like you:

  • You have worked a lot on yourself yet you feel like something is missing in your life  – you want a shift emotionally, energetically and spiritually
  • You are successful on the outside yet feel insecure or anxious on the inside – especially in your relationships – you want more authentic, deep and loving relationships
  • You are repeating or “looping” negative relationship patterns – you are tired of not moving forward
  • You get triggered a lot by people – you want more joy, ease and peace
  • You are not attracting the type of relationships you are worth – you are craving more connection and intimacy

Then maybe a “Release Emotional Blocks” session is for you…

Release Emotional Blocks – Uplevel Your Energy

In a individual session we will look at one emotional block you have and work towards shifting the underlying energy that created that block.

Afterwards you will feel an internal shift of energy and perspective. This might lead to a radical shift in your relationships depending on how deep we are able to go.

People usually come to me for a session because they are experiencing some kind of emotional challenge in life that they want support with.

The difference between my work and a therapist say, is that we don’t talk that much. I work primarily in the emotional body with the intention of shifting the underlying energy.

This means releasing stuck emotions, feeling the feelings underneath your challenge – exploring the root cause of the challenge and looking at what you are sending out energetically.

Sometimes it is a inner child that needs attention. Sometimes it is ancestral patterns showing up wanting to be released. Sometimes shifts happen without us knowing the story or the logic behind it: it is simply a felt experience of a energetic shift in the body.

One of the key challenges I was looking to work on with Filippa was the underlying feeling on anxiety I was experiencing. Although I had done previous work on this topic, I still struggled to feel completely safe in my own body.

When I met Filippa and discovered her work, I was intrigued but also wasn’t sure it would work for me. I decided to surrender to her in the session, and I was amazed by what came out during it. I felt I entered a slight altered state and was able to access emotions and insight which I am usually too scared to connect with.

I felt so safe and could feel that she was able to hold the space for me, which allowed deeper emotions to emerge. I was also impressed by Filippa’s thorough integration post-session. She helped me articulate what had happened.

A few days after my first session with Filippa, I found myself in a challenging emotional state, which would have normally triggered some dissociation, but this time I was able to feel safe and grounded in my body, which allowed me to navigate this state peacefully. This feeling of inner safety hasn’t left me since this session!

I am very grateful for Filippa’s ability to build such a safe space and gracefully guide me into my own psyche.

Myriam Jenni

Product Manager, Synthesis Insitute

How it works

Step 1 - Identify Your Challenge

What challenge do you want to work on? I ask my clients to choose their most urgent or most emotionally charged challenge before starting a session. This can be anything from a relationship challenge to having a challenge with your home, money, career, family or health. What tends to work best is if you have a recurring pattern: something that you seem to be attracting again and again.

Step 2 - Book a Session

Book a Discovery Call with me on Zoom - You can do so here: Book a Discovery Call

If we both feel it's a match to work together we schedule a session - either in person or online.

If you are interested in a in-person session, I offer them wherever I'm at (currently I'm in London, UK soon heading to Málaga, Spain)

Step 3 - Prepare for the Session

Before starting the session it helps if you are prepared with a journal, some water, tissues and a place where you have good wifi and can be alone & relaxed (if online). Make sure you have zoom installed correctly and that your sound and video works. It helps if you have a space where you can lie down if needed during the session.

Step 4 - The Session

A session usually last between 2 and 3 hours. It's an intuitive process that will look different for each person and will be catered after your individual needs- however this is what a session usually looks like:

We start with a short meditation to ground your intention, relax your body and mind and open up the heart and space for healing.

We use your emotional challenge as a starting point for the session and you will be guided into your emotional body to feel and inquire what is going on.

Depending on what we find we go where you need to go. This can be a guided inner child healing process. This can be a pure emotional release. This can be shifting energy in your ancestral patterns.

We close the session with a cleansing energy meditation and depending on what you want and need we discuss and integrate the session afterwards.

The best results happen when you don't expect anything from the session. It sounds counter intuitive maybe, but once you have decided your challenge and thought about what you would like to get as a result - the best is to release any expectations on yourself to achieve anything - and rather be open to what wants to happen through you. Things might take a different direction that what you thought.

Step 5 - Self Care

After the session you can feel a range of emotions and sensations. Clients have reported everything from feeling very tired, to feeling vulnerable and raw, to feeling energized and exited. Some have had the best night of sleep after and others need to sleep 15 hours. It all depends on how deep we were able to go and how much shifted for you.

I recommend planning for self care. This might be resting, drinking water, showering, eating good food or hanging out with loved ones. Whatever makes you feel safe. Try not to overthink the session afterwards.

Step 6 - Integration

The last part is to observe what has actually shifted for you. This might be to look at the relationship or the challenge. Usually the shift happens within a couple of days - sometimes up to a week or two. The more you observe the shift - the more you can appreciate that it has happened & the more you can recognize your own ability to shift energy.

The private 1-1 session with Filippa changed my life. During 34 years my feeling of self love was blocked and absolutely unnatural for me. This created lots of problems in my relationships and created a lot of pain in me.

Thanks to Filippa and her beautiful gifts my blocks and old traumas began to melt in the very first minutes. I tried so many things, but nothing helped. When Filippa helped me to connect to my interior pain I could finally release that feeling and it made my life so much better. Beautiful experience.

Svetlana Kochetkova

Certified Facial Fitness Instructor

Filippa helped me journey compassionately through my history and not only unveil what was holding me back, but also become more aware of my deepest gifts and intentions. She helped me release what no longer served me and embrace my most authentic desires.

Our sessions guided me toward leading a more intentional life and feeling more empowered on a daily basis.

I can’t recommend working with Filippa enough — especially if you’re a driven and creative person. You’ll feel seen and understood. Plus you’ll release what needs releasing and uncover new, empowering stories and possibilities within your life. Thank you, Filippa!

João Clemente

Webdesigner, Founder of Websoul

Filippa’s session has left me a changed man. From start to finish I trusted her gentle, yet strong presence as she guided me though feelings I’ve had locked away all my life. Today, I feel lighter, calmer and empowered to face life’s challenges. Thank you for this gift Filippa.

Andrew Maitland Southern


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